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New Face of Hot Springs' Hall of Fame

Those that know me also know that I’m a much better coach than I ever was as an athlete, but those times on the court and on the field help me develop into the person I am today.

If your formal education ended at Hot Springs High School or at another level, most people always feel a special connection to where they spent their formative years of high school. I was fortunate enough to go on to college but I can say without a doubt that my closest friends are Hot Springs Bison.

I encourage you to look at the many ways that The Hot Springs Bison Athletics Hall of Fame is impacting the current and future generations of Hot Springs student athletes and how you might be able to help.

Luke Meadows
HSHS Class of 1994

Luke is coaching Division I football at the University of Kansas, serving as the Jayhawks’ offensive line coach. Luke has been coaching for 19 years, including 17 years of coaching the offensive line and seven years as a coordinator.

To date, Luke has coached one Academic All-American, five All-Americans, 24 All Conference, 17 Academic All-Conference, and two All Newcomer Awards at the offensive line position. In addition, he has coached 14 players that have been drafted or signed as free agents in the National Football League.

The idea for creating an “Athletics Hall of Fame” at Hot Springs High School to honor outstanding individuals who either excelled in athletics while attending our school or played a vital role in improving the athletic department is a way to honor those individuals. For years Hot Springs High School has had numerous individuals recognized for excellence at the local and state level.  

With so many outstanding athletes who have been part of Hot Springs High School over the years, creating an “Athletic Hall of Fame” so those individuals could be recognized for their accomplishments and continue to serve as positive role-models for future generations of students.


To establish a method for honoring Hot Springs High School’s top student athletes, individuals who have made a positive impact on the local community and to be productive role models for today’s student athletes.  As a result there will be an increased awareness and pride in Hot Springs Athletes of the past and present.


  1. To give deserved recognition to outstanding Hot Springs High School athletes, coaches and supportive individuals of athletics.

  2. To publicly celebrate Hot Springs High School’s athletic tradition by recognizing outstanding accomplishments and service.

  3. To illustrate to current students and community members those individuals who have been instrumental in creating Hot Springs High School’s athletic tradition.

  4. To promote continued interest in the Hot Springs High School athletic program via alumni and community members.

  5. To fundraise for Hot Springs Hall of Fame, Hot Springs High School projects and Hot Springs Community.


  1. Honor outstanding teams and individual players in athletic events.

  2. Honor coaches who dedicated themselves to develop student athletes.

  3. Honor individuals and teams who committed time and effort in building the spirit of Hot Springs High School Athletics.

  4. Financial Growth “Fundraising” To fund Hot Springs High School athletics, School projects and community.

The Athletic Hall of Fame Recognizes Individuals in Three Nomination Categories

Athletes – recognize successes of individual athletes and Championship Teams at Hot Springs High School.

Coaches – recognize successes he or she achieved while serving as a coach at Hot Springs High School.

Distinguished Service – recognize outstanding service and contributions to Hot Springs High School athletics.

Each year the Hall of Fame will grow and students will ask what I can do to make a difference or be selected for this honor. The location of the “Athletic Hall of Fame” is a focal point in the school where it can be seen by everyone who enters the gym and travels through the school. The “Athletic Hall of Fame” will continue to provide positive examples of excellence and community involvement by student-athletes and other individuals for our current and future student body of Hot Springs High School who will or have gone into life to be productive citizens of the community and nation.